Let’s Go To Hell

LUKE 16:23-17:1
Spurgeon, Ryrie, James Moffet, & Eardman Study Aides
King James Version Utilized Simonton Genesis Ministries © 2009

This message war penned and recorded to remind us to never be so “high-minded” and sadity. It reminds us to be cautious about all people that we may run into from time to time in our lives. We must be on guard to watch our character as well as the character of others. By going by and seeing whose life is a little tougher than ours will allow us to appreciate our up and coming lives. This message reminds us to never judge a person on their looks, but to believe what you actually SEE them do and how they do it whether it is positive or negative behavior. Let us go and see some of the struggles that we often overlook as we go about our daily routine.

Click here:  Let’s Go To Hell

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