Dying For a Change and Killing For a Difference


Dying For A Change & Killing For A Difference

Job 14: 1-2, 14 & Job 13:15

Jamieson, Faussett, & Brown Commentary & Brown, Driver, Briggs Hebrew Lexicon

Pastor A. J. Watkins M.Div.

© 2009 Simonton Genesis Ministries

Our modern society has experienced severe changes over the last two years. The economy is suffering, unemployment is on the rise, and health benefits are nearly non-existent, education costs are soaring, people are robbing, lying, and cheating, foreclosures are everywhere, and everyone is experiencing severe stress.  The government is in a state of confusion and seeking a savior so that the elected officials may keep their jobs.  Banks are utilizing “bail out” money to bind up their customers with increased fees on the money that the customer places in their care.  All over this great nation brothers and sisters, people are dying for a change and in some cases killing for a difference.

If you go to the streets, a gangster or a drug lord will tell you that if you go against a certain unwritten street code, it is possible that you or someone you know will die so that there won’t be any changes in the code.  They will also inform you that if you interfere with their business without giving them the courtesy of just a casual conversation so that boundary lines may be set, you may be killed because you are going to make a difference.  Consult with them first and a difference can be made.  Consult with them first and they are willing to cease fire on each other.  Consult with them first and passes on territories will be granted if it is for the enhancement of the neighborhood.  They will work with you and move their operations if you are sincerely going to assist them in “not having to look over their shoulder.”  They are dying for a change as well.  However, they will kill for a difference.  A difference of opinion, a difference of mutual respect, and a difference of running things are just three things they will kill you over.

In our text, we read scriptures given to us by Brother Job.  Job is telling us that he is dying for a change but God is killing for a difference.  For example he tells us in chapter fourteen that we are just passing through this land called physical “LIFE” on our way to a destination in eternity.  He tells us that even in death inside the grave, he will wait until his change comes.  He also tells us in our second text that God is slaying him but he still trusts him.  For one to be slain, it means that he or she is killed.  In our text, God is doing the killing.  Even though Job does not see it here in this area of his legacy, God is killing off Job’s pride to change it to humility.  He was talking about God and God heard him and showed up in Chapters 37-40 and began to ask questions that Job could not and would not answer.  We find that even though he held his ground in front of his “boys”, his heart was angry with God and he just wanted to die.

We understand Job.  When God makes us put our money where our mouths are, we often die from lack of courage and attempt to kill our shame.  Many times in our lives we get this way.  We are dying for a change and want to kill for a difference.  We want changes in our personal and professional relationships.  We want changes in our family members.  We want changes in our lives in general.  However, we do not want to change OURSELVES in order to obtain peace with others.  We would rather kill someone’s character, kill their reputation, kill their happiness, kill their integrity, and try to kill their self-esteem, kill their love because those positive things they possess make them different from our miserable selves.

You see even though Job tells us that our days are full of trouble, it is God who is doing the killing in our lives.  Which killer will you trust with your life?  Will it be the one who kills just your body like God allowed Satan to do to Job?  Satan had placed sores all over his body.  That is killing the body.    Will it be the one who can kill the body and the soul like God himself? (Jesus stated in Matthew10:28, “28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”)  Job stated that even though God was killing him with this test, he would trust him.  I submit to you today, whatever God is killing you with, it is necessary for that part of you to die so that you can make the change that God wants you to make.  Since our days are few and trouble is bound up in those few days, let us look at ourselves since we are dying for a change and killing for a difference.

Our lives are interlaced, interwoven, and intertwined with the lives of all classes of men and women, and whether we like it or not, we all need each other.  Every man and woman is our brother and sister in God’s eyes.  They may not treat you right.  Yet they are still your brother or sister in the eyes of God.  They may hurt you to the core of your very existence, but in God’s eye they are your brother and sister.

No man or woman is self-sustaining.  We are dependent on the labors of many hands for the food we eat, for the clothes we wear, for the cars and planes in which we ride, for the books we read, for the teachers who teach us, for the skill of the surgeon, for the technical training of the pilot.  We are dependent on the post man who brings the mail, on the controllers who guide the planes in and out of airports, and on the sanitation workers who take away the garbage.

What is man anyway?  Besides a being that has just a few troubled days, man is flesh and blood.  Man is body and mind, bones and muscle, arms and legs, heart and soul, lungs and liver, nerves and veins.  All these and more make a man or a woman.  Man or woman really is what his or her dreams are.  They are what they aspire to be.  They are the ideals that beckon them on.  They are the integrity that keeps them steadfast, honest, and true to themselves and to God.  If a young person tells me what they aspire to be, I can almost predict their future.

It must be born in mind, however, that the trouble in life does not lie in reaching your goal.  The trouble in life lies in having no goal to reach.  It is not a calamity to die with unfulfilled dreams, but it is a calamity not to dream.  It is not a disaster to be unable to capture your ideal, but it is a disaster to have no idea to capture.  It is not a disgrace to not reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for.  It is not a sin to fail, but having low aim is the sin.  If you have low aim like Brother Job got to in his story, you will eventually sin to the point that God will show up and start asking you questions.  You may not want that to happen to you.  Your reach should always exceed your grasp.  That is what Heaven is for.

Since we have a few troubled days, we must make the best of them.  There will always be ups and downs.  There will always be positives and negatives, mess and stress, fluff and stuff, situations and circumstances that we must face in order to make a difference and effect a change.  So many of us today are looking to any and every thing in the world to make a difference and effect a change for the better.  We actually had that at one time in history before Adam ate the fruit.

Man is the highest in God’s earthly order.  Though he possesses a crucial place in the scheme of things, though freedom and responsibility is his, and though he possesses a unique power distributed to him by God, this was not enough.  The underlying current to dying for a change and killing for a difference is dissatisfaction.  Man is dissatisfied.  We are obsessed with a craving to be more than what we really are.  We are stretching and tip-toeing for more power, for a knowledge that was inclusive of good and evil.  We want to be on a peer level with God.  Yet while reaching for such an extraordinary goal we lost our balance and fell in the garden.

This fall gave us the first encounter of “passing the buck.” When God asked Adam if he ate the fruit he stated yes.  Then he told God it was the woman’s fault.  Then she told God it was the serpent’s fault because the serpent tricked her.  What really happened is that man betrayed his own manhood.  Man was created in those few troubled days to shape and enact his own destiny.  He was summoned to make his own decision.  He lost that privilege and shoved it off to someone else; thereby relinquishing his place in the scheme of things.  Ever since that day man has been dying for a change and killing for a difference.

You see, at that moment of fruit eating, man’s days were then numbered.  The days were troubled.  He will be constantly slain and he has been consistently slaying his fellow man.  Dying for a change and killing for a difference.  At that moment God broke off divine communion with him and has had intermittent rendezvous throughout the ages with man.  At that moment of Adam’s transgression, man experienced estrangement from God and to this day we still feel that God is far from us at times.

At moments in time we have been one thing or another.  At certain moments we have separated ourselves from God, we have had a depraved nature, we have been ignorant and blind at times, evil in conscience at times, corrupt and deceitful in the heart at times, and obstinate and rebellious.  We are dying for a change and killing for a difference.

There have been moments that we have had evil thoughts.  Moments of being lustful and ungodly, dominated by Satan, servants to sin, dead in sin, doomed to eternal hell, short of God’s glory, subject to suffering and death, cursed of God of hard labor, mortal, imperfect and weak, universally sinful, a sinner by birth and practice, subject to disease and pain.  We have had moments of just drifting through life.  We are dying for a change and killing for a difference.

There are those moments where life blends its way with death and begins ebbing away.  Moments when the divine image becomes defaced.  Passion becomes confused, abused, and misused.  Power becomes weakness.  Essence becomes mere existence.  There are moments when our personality that once mirrored the mind of God becomes warped, twisted, and misshapen.  There are moments of feeling dislocated and distorted.  There are moments of feeling the pressures of life pulling you away from your faith.  It is moments like these that most men trade in a life they can’t lose for a life they cannot keep.  Living a life for God is one to keep eternally, but the life of what you can see, feel, and hear is the one you must release.  You cannot keep it.  Yet we are dying for a change and killing for a difference.

Since you only have a few days and they are full of trouble, when are you going to start trusting God?  Even though he is slaying you daily, when are you going to trust God?  Even though he is slaying you to get your attention, when are you going to trust God?  If you are dying for a change, then let God kill for the difference in your lives.

Satan caught Jesus walking across Heaven one day and told him that I have all types of mankind in the “World Cage.”  Jesus asked what you are going to do with them.  Satan replied, “I am going to promise them everything.  I’m going to promise them the moon.  Then I’m going to break their hearts and damn their souls and send them into hell without God.”  Jesus told Satan let me have them.  They are dying for a change and killing for a difference.  Satan said, “Oh yes, they are dying for a change, but there isn’t one as far as I can see.  You would have to pay for them if you want them that bad.”  “They are going to desecrate your day.  They’ll blaspheme your name.  They’ll break your heart.  They’ll steal your money.  They’ll dance in your blood.”    Jesus stated, “They just need a change Satan.  I will give you all of the gold in the universe for man.”  “Not enough.”  “I will give you wealth untold, diamonds, rubies, and pearls.  All of the mountains and the seas shall be yours if you let me have them Satan.”  “Not enough.”  “All of the Islands?”  “Not enough.”  They are dying for a change and killing for a difference.  “Not enough.”  “Well what do you want for them?” “Glad you asked!  You are going to have to get out of Heaven.  That is what I want.”  Jesus stated, “OK”.  “I will die for a change and I will kill for a difference.”

Be careful what you ask for, because you never know what comes with what you are asking for.  Therefore, I submit since you are child of God or even if you are not a professing, believing Christian Jesus told me to tell you that I gave up Heaven as he asked me to do for you.  I left there and then I came to earth to see about mankind.  I have paid the price for you.  You can stop dying for a change.  It is done.  Stop killing for a difference.  Let me do it.

I want you to know that Jesus has given his heart of gold so that we can have the door of mercy ajar to enter in and out of.  He has given the diamonds of his tears for each time you decide to go against his will.  He has given the rubies of his blood to cover you as you go through life.  He died for the change and is still killing for the difference.  Mankind killed Christ and allowed him to make some differences in death. When he rose, he had died for a change and he killed things for a difference. He died and changed…

God’s wrath when we are wrong and the difference is God’s grace

Immorality, by killing it off, the difference is purity.

Fear, by killing it and the difference is confidence.

Sickness, by killing it and the difference is spiritual and physical health.

Death, by killing it and the difference is a transfer station to eternal life.

Darkness, by killing it and the difference is marvelous light.

Heartaches, by killing them off, and the difference is hope.

Turmoil, by killing it and the difference is trust.

Travels & Wanderings, by killing them and the difference is a sure direction.

Helplessness, by killing it off, He helps me daily.

Burdens, by killing them off, they have become blessings….

You have to die to make changes.  Let God slay you and trust him enough to realize that when the slaying is done, you shall come forth as pure gold.  Be better and not bitter.  Die for a change and you can then help others kill negativity in their lives for a difference.  A change will surely come if you trust God to kill and wait for God to start your healing process.

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