Farewell For Now To One Who Fought For Himself, The People, and A Country


As time rolls up on the eternal scroll and we look back over the most recent century you will see many leaders standing in the windows of the last ten decades. As we peruse the parameters of the premises of this last century of time and peer into the celestial plane of eternity we will see a new window there that frames President Nelson Mandela.

Many will focus on part of that century when he had become violent while fighting Apartheid. Some will focus on the negatives of his personal life. While still others will focus on his skin color (even to this day). Yet others will focus on his time spent in lockdown. Let them talk because after it is all said and done, Nelson Mandela changed a country while most of the world looked on. He became such a formidable foe against the ill treatment of humanity that they had to lock him up and that still did not stop him.

A man whose accomplishments (no matter how he got it done) will resonate down throughout the history of his homeland and in the hearts and minds of anyone who rise against the ill treatment of people predicated on the color of their skin. No, not all of his life was glorious. No, he did not do everything exactly like people thought he should do it. No, he did not get it all exactly right. However at the end of his journey he changed the MINDSET of a country and emerged upon the world stage as one of the world’s most controversial yet respected leaders in the sunset of his life.

Controversial because he did NOT ALLOW people to control his mind or distort his vision of FREEDOM for the people and the country of South Africa. Controversial because he stood one day and stated ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. That is the same way we must become with our enemies both spiritual and physical. We too must say to some people, powers, and principalities in our lives that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.” Then START CHANGING.

Nelson Mandela, by all means, rest well soldier. Many will continue to talk negatively about your legacy, but hey, people are going to talk whether you change the world or just change your hairstyle. The number one example I see that he left was what people can do by the RENEWING OF THEIR MINDS. Mind renewal will allow you to grow and eventually break the yoke of negativity, oppression, and depression that mental slavery often brings. We may not change the world, a country, or even a small village or town; but by the renewal of your minds you will at least change your CHARACTER which can permeate the small piece of real estate you call HOME.

I’m just saying……..R.I.P. Nelson Mandela you left your indelible mark on the world indeed.


A. J. “therightrevrhino” Watkins D.Min.

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