San Diego Sunset


Drive On Down The Pathway of Life!
Only Look Back To Make Sure You Are Clear To Make a Lane Change!

I have traveled all over the planet and I have noticed that all VEHICLES big and small have LARGE WINDSHIELDS and SMALL MIRRORS. The mirrors are in our vehicles to let us SEE what is or who is coming up behind us on the highway. The windshield is broad so we can SEE 180 degrees left to right as we approach various places, intersections, and other destinations we have programmed into our minds and the GPS.

I want encourage you Facebook Family to stop looking back so much while you are moving forward. Things and persons of your past you have gotten over them and that is why they get smaller as you travel and ultimately DISAPPEAR out of what the mirror can show you in your past. Notice the mirror is small because they are used to CHECK to make sure you are CLEAR or have passed others who are traveling a little slower than you are. You only need to know what or who is trying to come up on you or to SEE if you have clearance to make a LANE CHANGE after you have passed someone. It only requires a quick glance, in essence you don’t need to focus too much on the mirrors as you DRIVE FORWARD.

Your WINDSHIELD OR WINDSCREEN is broad so you can see every opportunity that God has for your PURPOSE in life. You can pan left to right so you can have enough time to react to what you are approaching in regards to your hopes, dreams, and goals. Your gift(s) God gave you are within you. Yes you go to school and then college to take a little training or major in a study/profession to ATTACH YOUR GIFT(S) TO so you can exercise your GIFT(S) to amplify your performance in your various careers that you trained for.

Your GIFT(S) should ignite a drive in you so HOT AND LASER SHARP that people will not be able to DISTRACT YOU from your various goals that you’ve set for yourselves. It doesn’t matter what your endeavor is! It can be anything from entrepreneurship to training to be an astronaut, QUIT MAKING EXCUSES OF NOT GETTING IT DONE DUE TO SOMETHING OR SOMEONE THAT HAD HURT YOU IN THE PAST! People who hurt you, molested you, lied to you and on you, played you, and done all kinds of things to you in your past are in your past. They have moved on and some are even DEAD, but yet you are holding on to the hurt and heartache by looking in the REAR-VIEW MIRROR.

YOU ARE STILL ALIVE, IN DECENT HEALTH, AND STILL STANDING! Look out the front windshield and ask God to be your Mental and Spiritual GPS so you can be directed to the POSITION that you need to STOP BY to receive your MANIFESTED BLESSING AND DIRECTIONS FOR YOUR NEXT STOP. Every time you receive the blessings you’ve asked for, make sure you thank and then ASK YAHWEH, THE GREAT I AM, JEHOVAH, in the name of Yeshua/Jesus Christ to safely GUIDE YOU on down the PATH to the next dimension and DON’T FORGET TO MAKE A LANE CHANGE from time to time to keep the trip interesting.

I’m just saying……

“therightrevrhino” D.Min.

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