Staying Afloat In Tempestuous Times


St. Matthew 14:26-33

This message is recorded to wake up Christians around the world. It reminds us to stop allowing so much of the WORLD’S WAY of doing business to seep into the ministry. God has shown us how to make it all work for the good of humanity, but we often find outside and sometimes illegal sources more appealing. This message reminds us to realign with God’s plan for our lives and move forward in our various communities around the planet.

Click here to listen in:  Staying Afloat In Tempestuous Times

“therightrevrhino” D.Min.

One thought on “Staying Afloat In Tempestuous Times

  1. Deborah Berry says:

    Great message Jay. Sat here this morning listening to you. I love you. 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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