Being Conscientious Can Be Advantageous

Tree Tunnel, Belgium

Spiritually unconscious people will not do anything for the church unless it is a grandiloquent presentation or event.  I do understand that some of the tasks around the church and the community are not glamorous to be sure: cleaning the church, cooking food, repairing the building, working in the office, mimeographing or folding bulletins, providing transportation for the elderly, feeding the hungry, ministering to the destitute, visiting the sick, listening to someone else’s issues, maintaining accurate records, attending long and sometimes heated meetings, and soothing hurt egos are some of the least liked tasks around the church.  However, if the church is going to be caring, there are some devils that have to be dethroned and some demons that have to be destroyed.

If God’s house is to be kept beautiful, then someone has to be conscientious of the social ills in God’s house and be willing to do what has to be done. It is actually more of the little things that make God’s Kingdom so attractive.  That encouraging word you gave to someone because you were conscious of the fact that they were walking with their head down and possessed a look of despair on their face; lifted them up and they made it through their day feeling better about the issue.  That is being conscientious of your surroundings.


One thought on “Being Conscientious Can Be Advantageous

  1. Deborah Berry says:

    Amen! If we cannot be thoughtful in our own family within the church what does that say about the personal work each member must apply in their life? When you have an open and compassionate heart, the mind is much more inclined to be open to others in need as well as in the spiritual house in which everyone gathers. That applies in our own homes and with one another.

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