Stop Sneaking Around & Go Straight Ahead


No matter what profession one may choose, there is generally a list of requirements that MUST be recognized and adhered to if one is to become successful in the field of study they have undertaken.  Employers perform background checks in order to match what people place on their resume´ to the job requirements. 

I must tell you, that you cannot do God’s work any old kind of way.  God will make sure that you have the right credentials to represent him before the world.  God will close doors that you are not qualified to enter into because you tried to get into the room through a window, down through the chimney, or maybe even up through the floor by punching a hole in the center of it.  God will not allow you to come into the kingdom but one way and that one way is at the door.  You cannot sneak up on God and try to know someone to get you in.  You cannot just waltz into a ministry for God thinking you are qualified and God has not called you into that ministry. 

Just because something looks good in someone else’s life does not mean that it is your calling or your destiny from God.  God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the ones he called.  When God qualifies you, it will show in your walk, your talk, your attitude towards others, and most of all when you minister to God’s people.  You cannot come to God any old kind of way wanting to do God’s work.  You must come to God at the door.  Any other way would be uncivilized and considered thievery. 


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