Dealing With Criticism St. Luke 7:33-34 & St. Mark 11:27-33

This message was designed and penned to empower us to deal with critical people.  It points us to John the Baptist and Jesus.  They dealt with their critics in many ways and moved forward with their God-given assignments.  Utilizing the bible, the “RightRevRhino”, encourages us to deal with all types of criticism and allow God to mature us in spirit and in our minds so that we may move forward with our goals.

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We pray that this message will help you to get up and get over people who are trying to mess with your minds out there.  If this message helps you and if you would like to make a donation to our Vet and Homeless store please donate to our fundraising page.  If you don’t make a donation, we pray that this message has helped you to grow a little bit stronger in God.  This is the link for donations for our store for the Vets and the Homeless.

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