Out of Sight, Out of Mind (You Will Fall Sometimes)


Out of Sight, Out of Mind (You Will Fall Sometimes) Luke 22:54-56

This message contains information and reminds us who are believers to be proud of our faith and belief in Yahweh (God) and Yeshua (Jesus) by the guiding of the Holy Ghost. It reminds us that there will be times that we will face some stiff doubters and contentious fellow Christians and we must not deny our Christian identity. However, if we do deny it, we have a Savior and a belief system that will forgive you and pick you up and place in the standing position to move forward with your life. We lose our minds at times because of outside stimuli and we fall. That only reminds us that we are an imperfect creation serving and representing to the best of our ability, a perfect Creator. Be Blessed.

A. J. “TheRightRevRhino” Watkins D.Min.

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