A Deal Instead of a Destiny


St. Matthew 4:1-10

King James Version Utilized

Matthew Henry & Adam Clarke Study Aides

Simonton Genesis Ministries © May 2010

In our 21st century world today you will find that the entertainer Wayne Brady has become the host of an old game show that the late Monte Hall used to host entitled “Let’s Make a Deal.”  In this show, the people dress in old clothes and try to have all kinds of things on their person or in their purses that the host may ask to receive from them.  The show offers you a prize that you actually get to keep and walk off of the stage.  However, before the contestant can walk away, Wayne Brady asks them if they want to keep what they have or do they want to take the deal behind one of three doors.  Many contestants go for the deal because they think they are going to prosper instead of taking the winnings that they have in their possession.  They are sometimes actually presented with over $1,000.00 in cash but they then get a deal offered to them behind one of the doors.  However, they do not know what is behind that door and most of the time it is something worse than what they gave up the first prize for in the first place.

In our text we have the story of Jesus being taken up into the wilderness to be tested by the enemy.  As we look into the mirror of this parabolic picture presented we notice Christ‘s temptation is first an instance of his own condescension and humiliation. Temptations are fiery darts, thorns in the flesh, buffetings, siftings, wrestlings, combats, all which denote hardship and suffering; therefore Christ submitted to them, because he would humble himself, in all things to be made like unto his brethren; thus he gave his back to the smiters who are called today HATERS.

Secondly it is an occasion of Satan’s confusion. There is no conquest without a combative situation. Christ was tempted, that he might overcome the tempter. Satan tempted the first Adam, and triumphed over him; but he shall not always triumph, the second Adam OVERCAME him and then led captivity captive. Therefore, you can follow the same formula that Christ left.  Father in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you Satan and your deceitful ways.  Get behind me HATER and mess with someone who has to graduate to my level of spiritual maturity because I know better.

Lastly it is a matter of comfort to all the saints. In the temptation of Christ it appears, that our enemy is subtle, spiteful, and very daring in his temptations; but it appears withal, that he is not invincible. Though he is a strong man armed, yet the Captain of our salvation is stronger than he. It is some comfort to us to think that Christ suffered, being tempted; for it appears that temptations, if not yielded to, are not sins, they are afflictions only and we have a High Priest who knows, by experience, what it is like to be tempted, and who therefore is the more tenderly touched with the feelings of our infirmities in an hour of temptation. Hebrews 2:18 states, “For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succor them that are tempted.” Then Hebrews 4:15 states, “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”  It is such  a comfort to think that Christ conquered, being tempted, and conquered for us; not only that the enemy we grapple with is a conquered, baffled, disarmed enemy, but that we are interested in Christ’s victory over him, and through him are more than conquerors.

Immediately after the heavens were opened to him, and the Spirit descended on him, and he was declared to be the Son of God, and the Savior of the world, the next news we hear of him is, he is tempted; for then he is best able to grapple with the temptation. He was offered deals that he and Father God already owned.  That is often times how we are fooled. We are fooled and offered deals by Lucifer that we already have experienced.  Yet he comes during your time of doubt and discouragement and you fall for it.

Saints realize that great privileges, and special tokens of divine favor, will not secure us from being tempted. Please understand that after great honors are bestowed upon us, we must expect something that is humbling. You will have a HATER to come along and try to say or do something negative to tear down your temporary glory, recognition, and reward.  I want you to realize that God prepares his people for temptation before he calls them to it; he gives strength according to the day, and, before a sharp trial, gives more than ordinary comfort because now your faith at the new level of living, giving, receiving and believing must be tested. Yet when you have decided to follow the direction of the Holy Ghost, you will be furnished with an answer to all of the deals a hater will offer you to disturb, debauch, or disquiet you on that new level of salvation.

Notice that Jesus went into the wilderness.  He went to the wilderness because there was nothing out there and no one out there but God.  You will have to go into the wilderness and have a wilderness experience too if you want to hear directly from God.  The lesson here is if you want to grow closer to God, then you must get away from family, friends, and haters alike.  You must get to a quiet place and get in tune with yourself and the Holy Ghost so you can get the proper instructions for your problems, perplexities, mess, and foolishness.  Read and study your bibles.  Fast and pray from time to time.  Dig into the issues that cause you the most discomfort and place those bad deals in front of God so your destiny can become clearer.  In the silence, God will not make a deal with you, but he will give you the roadmap to your DESTINY.

Understand, that there will be times when God is silent and giving you more time to pray in your brokenness.  Also God is remaking your dream into a destiny during that alone time with him.  Ever spiritually packed your bags for Fiji, Cancun, or Aruba and found yourself in the Arctic, Antarctic, or Siberia feeling cold and alone?  Could it be you’re reaching for God’s presents instead of his presence?  The reason you are reaching for the material presents is because you have allowed Lucifer to make you a deal of materialism.  Getting into the presence of God gives you clear, concise, and cohesive directives to your destiny which includes gathering material and spiritual gifts along the way.  When you are on your way to your destiny, which is your destination for the new level of spiritual maturity, you will run into HATERS offering all types of deals to either slow you down or get you off track.  Refuse the big deal and take what God has given you and allow God to magnify those gifts to catapult you toward your destiny.  Then, as you land, you will get a chance to “take a breather” and get prepared for the next level in Christ and in your life.

When you are tempted by Lucifer, you have to know God’s Word.  Jesus quoted scripture each time a deal was offered.  He would say, “It is written.”  That tells us that God’s Word has eternal implications each time you make a choice to go for your destiny instead of a deal.  Christ’s destiny was the cross and he was offered deals in an attempt to take his focus off of his destiny.  We all face deals on a daily basis just like Christ did in his day.  However, when our mind gets messed up, we must say “it is written” or go find where it is written so that we remain focused on our destiny.

God’s children know where they have been, they know where they are now, and they definitely know where they are headed.  If you are a mature child of God, you can look across the valley to the next peak of success that you want to achieve.  The problem is down in the valley, there are deals that have to be foregone in order for you to get to your destiny.

Man and Woman of the most high God, don’t you know that as you traverse to the next level of maturity that you are going to have to face some seriously offered deals that look and sound great? People will act like they are with you just to get close enough to try and distract you from your destiny.  How do I get to my destiny?  I am glad you asked.  There are witnesses for God everywhere who have taken some bad deals, but God, with his forgiving self, allowed them to back out of the deal that the enemy offered and move toward their destiny another way.

You watch for various people who come into your life while you are on your way to your destiny.  Let me tell you how to identify them.  Satan utilizes the HATERS to offer you a deal that would attempt to deride the miracles of God; detest the glory of God; depose the authority of God; despise the goodness of God; demolish the victories of God; degrade the promises of God; delay the harvest of God; denounce the blessings of God; destroy the worship of God; deafen your ears so you cannot hear God; deprive the family of God; defile the church of God and devour the servants of God.  You know some HATERS like that don’t you?  They offer deals that deceive the saints of God; discourage the work of God; defeat the plan of God; deteriorate the standards of God; defy the wisdom of God; debauch the justice of God; and depress the people of God.   You have to be able to tell those types of folks, “BUT GOD SAID IN HIS WORD.”  That is the modern day way of saying it is written.

When you run into HATERS attempting to distract you from your destiny by offering you empty deals, you have to tell them BUT GOD SAID IN HIS WORD.  You may not know the exact location at that precise moment, but when you make that statement with conviction in your heart and fire in your eyes, they will know that you are fully aware of God’s presence around you.  When you make that statement you are telling the HATER to get behind you.  As you mature you will be able to tell the HATER the location in the word.

Satan will use HATERS to offer you various deals and those deals can and sometimes will cause you unnecessary heartache.  He will deal with you as a trapper to ensnare you; as a teacher to brainwash you; as a cannibal to devour you; as philosopher to persuade you; as a clown to entertain you; as a beggar to bribe you; as a counselor to discourage you; as a Friend, yes Friend to fail, forsake, and forget you once he has ruined your life.  Don’t take the deal, reach for your destiny.

When you are reaching for your destiny, you tell the HATER, “BUT GOD SAID FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR AND THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN.”  I am hoping to reach my destiny but right now I cannot see it.  I know it is there because I have faith HATER.  When they come to you with foolishness man, woman, boy, and girl you tell them I have faith enough to bypass the deal and let God guide me to my destiny through Christ.  I have so much faith in God hater that with God I know how to fight all my battles; resist all of my temptations; endure all of my trials; survive all of my tests; bear all of my own burdens and some for others too; perform all of my ministries; fulfill all of my commitments.  I have the faith to conquer my circumstances; destroy my doubts; defeat my discouragements; overcome my opposition; face all my fears; defy all of my demons; stand all storms that sweep over my soul with force and fury.

Then you run them off by telling them with my reinforced faith hater I can attempt my difficulties; seize all of my opportunities; tackle my responsibilities; withstand my troubles; solve my own problems; confront you and any more of my enemies; carry my own cross; move the unmovable; endure the unendurable; love the unlovable; forgive the unforgiveable; bear the unbearable; be fruitful in the midst of famine.  That is because I don’t deal because I desire my destiny.

I get that type of faith through Jesus Christ hater. I deal in the word.  I deal in faith.  I deal in love, peace, longsuffering.  If you are not offering that type of deal, then get on before you get stomped on.  I don’t want a deal, I want my destiny.  Destined to help and heal and not hinder and hurt God’s people.

All The Best To All Believers and Non-believers Alike

TheRightRevRhino D.Min.