Remain Focused On Your Goals



It is as impossible to get a TRUCE with time as it is to get an EXEMPTION from death. Stop wasting time on things that will NOT profit you at ALL spiritually, mentally, physically, or tangibly. Stop wasting time with people who DO NOT want you to succeed but want you to either STAY ON THEIR LEVEL or FAIL as you reach for your DESTINY AND GREATNESS. Time marches forward steadily and undisturbed because time was set forth by YAHWEH. Time will continue with us all personally until our TIME has arrived and DEATH comes to take us out of a world that is timed (chronos) into a world of eternity (kairos). 

Therefore, utilize your precious time to leave an eternal impression on someone who, you don’t even know or recognize, is watching you. Utilize it to take the necessary steps to accomplish your own personal goals. Utilize YOUR TIME in such a way, that even those who have lied, hoodwinked, bamboozled, back-stabbed, and railroaded you in one way or another will say he/she still made a positive impact on the lives of MANY in spite of the hatred of a FEW. Simply put jealous, cowardly, sadity, and hateful people will make you famous! Use that time to make POSITIVE STRIDES since they are putting the SPOTLIGHT on you anyway.

Utilize your time in such a way that God himself will lean over heaven’s edge and say, “That is exactly how I intended for humanity to use the various gifts I instilled in them in conjunction with the graceful and merciful gift of TIME; because DEATH is certain to arrive and move on them when the SANDS OF TIME HAVE DRAINED out of their hour glasses of life.” There is no TRUCE with TIME and no EXEMPTION from death. Work well family, followers, friends, and enemies while it is day because time still moves forward even when we stop to rest. When night (death) falls no man/woman can work. Therefore let the work you DO within your TIME FRAME speak for you and move forward with your lives.

I’m just saying…..