Time to Get Real and Be Real About God

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Time to Get Real & Be Real About God
Romans 13:10-14
King James Version, Greek Lexicon, & Matthew Henry Commentary

This message focuses on reminding us about how we often waste time on people, places, and things in our lives that will not benefit, but burden us as we reach for our various goals in life. This message reminds us to place God in front of all that we do and give God the glory, honor, and praise for opening windows of opportunities for us and allowing us to walk into that particular blessing. Get real with yourselves and God will get real with you and bless all that you set out to do for yourselves. I am living witness to it.

Click here and listen in and enjoy the ride:  Time to Get Real & Be Real About God

All the best and God bless!

A.J. “therighrevrhino” Watkins D.Min.