The Reality Of It All Starts With You


That is the cry of many people in the secular and saved world alike. God, Yahweh, Yeshua, the great I AM etc….actually sends the help to assist us in putting our lives back together but when we realize that WE HAVE TO WORK ON OUR OWN BUILDING, we want to recant, back up, or run and hide. You can hide from humanity, but you cannot hide from God and you cannot hide from yourself.

When God sends people into our lives who are stronger than we are, we should acknowledge the issues that they identify in our lives and begin to construct a plan to resolve those issues one by one. Remember YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE IT IS YOUR ISSUE. They came to help by giving you revelation, your job is to go to God for reconciliation to yourself and those you want in your life, and God will do his job and give you RESTORATION back to where you fell off ( no matter how long ago you fell off) and you can then move forward with your lives.

The difficult part comes when we are so doggone sensitive that we can’t be told what the issues are and how to plan to resolve them; it then becomes almost impossible for the help to help you. When correction and REDIRECTION comes, you can become your own impediment because you refuse to walk out of the PITY PARTY. JUST LEAVE AND GO GET IT DONE!!! 

God or Good Karma or whatever you want to call it in this life, allows us to cross paths with those who can catapult us to the next dimension. You say you understand and that you got the solution down. The help will ask you, “Are you sure you have it and understand what it is YOU must do?” and we say yes. When the help departs and moves on to help others, we seek them out with the SAME ISSUE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN. People then look at you as if you have lost your mind because YOU stated you understood and YOU were going to APPLY the solutions to your issues and break free but you didn’t leave the PITY PARTY. By the way, when real people leave a conversation that is supposedly done because you say you understand, expect a little frustration from them when you bring something up days, weeks, or months later that is supposed to be done with.

Listen folks, real people, who have faced down insurmountable odds in their lives and have achieved lofty spiritual and tangible goals, will NOT CONTINUE TO ENTERTAIN A PERSON WHO REFUSES TO LEAVE A PITY PARTY OR A “POOR ME PARTY!” Real people who are believers to those who are atheists but real, will not waste time with you when you wallow in the muck and mire in life that has you bound. It is about renewing your mind and saying YOU GON’ LEARN TODAY! Real people who have been through some mess and stress; some fluff and stuff; some ups and downs; some ins and outs; and some mountain highs and valley lows have developed really thick spiritual and emotional skin. 

Real People have been through some stuff AND don’t mind teaching while they are moving towards their destiny. Remember: you are not the only one with issues. The bible tells us in Romans 15:1 that, “We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.” Real people will do it because they have been through enough stuff in life to qualify them to do so and they will do it without charging you and they don’t do it for fame and gain. However, if you are not attempting to help by DOING A LITTLE BIT OF SOMETHING, real people will set you down because they don’t need DEAD WEIGHT slowing them down. If you are trying to help yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself, people will help you every step of the way. 

QUIT WEARING YOUR FEELINGS ON YOUR SLEEVES BECAUSE AS WE ALL HAVE GROWN, ALL OF US HAVE HAD OUR FEELINGS HURT, OUR EGOS SHATTERED, AND OUR PRIDE IMPACTED. Real people didn’t get BITTER but came to realize that this is real and they got BETTER. If you are extremely sensitive and you want real people to help you, my humble advice to you is to pray for thick skin, an open mind to receive and acknowledge your issues that are pointed out to you, and the physical and mental toughness to get up and MAKE A CHANGE for the man/woman in the mirror. STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND START MAKING PLANS THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU AND YOUR SITUATION!!!!!! That is what REAL PEOPLE, SAVED AND SECULAR DO, AND THEN THEY APPLY THOSE PLANS AND MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES. 

Last but not least, real people may seem HARD AT TIMES when they address you. The reason for it is because they don’t have the time and will not waste time with people who complain about he same thing over and over again and will NOT DO A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT IT BUT SIT AT THE TABLE IN THE “PITY PARTY CLUB!” Real people are trying to pull you out but it is frustrating and time consuming when you got to have that last sip of pity before you leave. For the real people, if you say you want help they will give you the help, but they will NOT sit with you too long when they see you CRYING AND NOT TRYING!!! Start pulling yourselves together because as we used to say in the U.S. MARINE CORPS, “ISH JUST GOT REAL!” 

I’m just saying….. 

“therightrevrhino” M.Div.

Time to Get Real and Be Real About God

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Time to Get Real & Be Real About God
Romans 13:10-14
King James Version, Greek Lexicon, & Matthew Henry Commentary

This message focuses on reminding us about how we often waste time on people, places, and things in our lives that will not benefit, but burden us as we reach for our various goals in life. This message reminds us to place God in front of all that we do and give God the glory, honor, and praise for opening windows of opportunities for us and allowing us to walk into that particular blessing. Get real with yourselves and God will get real with you and bless all that you set out to do for yourselves. I am living witness to it.

Click here and listen in and enjoy the ride:  Time to Get Real & Be Real About God

All the best and God bless!

A.J. “therighrevrhino” Watkins D.Min.