Hypocritical Actions from “Do as I say and not as I do!” Leadership has spilled over and into the pews; causing a breakdown and a spiritual implosion in ministries all across this nation. The TRUTH AND THE FREEDOM GOD GIVES is not being taught or preached in many TRADITIONAL RELIGIOUS SLAVE MENTALITY MINISTRIES because the people have been hypnotized into the mindset of not caring about the community outside of the church doors. Read on through this post and understand ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WHY CHURCHES ARE going from thriving to death.

Paul tells us in his second letter to Timothy, the letter he wrote just days or weeks before his death. There, in chapter 4, he looks into the future, he sees a church being destroyed, and he warns us how it happens. It’s as straightforward as four simple steps. This church is destroyed by people CLAIMING TO ACT in the name of Jesus. 

Many ministries today are not closed down through government persecution; they’re not afflicted by cultural pressure and do not succumb to the attacks of another religion. Ministries today are eroded from the inside, from within the membership. Ministries today are destroyed by people CLAIMING TO ACT in the name of Jesus.

Step one the Apostle Paul warns Timothy that “they will turn away from listening to the truth.” The first step in destroying a church is turning away from what is true, losing interest in the truth as God reveals it, growing weary of what God says is true and lovely. What was once a LOVE of truth becomes a DISLIKE and then DISGUST toward truth; what was once a hatred of error becomes an intrigue and interest in error. Hearts begin to harden.

Secondly, as they turn away from the truth, they necessarily turn against the truth-tellers. So Paul tells Timothy that in that day to come, “they will not endure sound teaching.” It’s not that people won’t know what is true, but that they won’t endure what is true. Because they have come to hate the truth, they will now hate those who proclaim the truth. The very teachers that once drew them will now repulse them.

Third point is this church has rejected the truth and those who teach the truth. Now what? It is obvious and inevitable: They will embrace false teachers. “Having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.” As these people become hardened in sin and narcissism, as they grow in their rebellion, they will want to be led by people who tell them those things they want to hear which is why many churches have allowed secular corporate ways to infiltrate the way they choose leadership from the pastor to various spiritual and financial leaders. 

Paul uses a great word-picture to describe this: itching ears. These are ears that want to be tickled by novelty, by something that will be respectable to society and palatable to a godless world. They will soon find this kind of teacher who will justify their turning away from truth and who will validate them in their rebellion because that teacher will not hold them accountable for their actions while in that particular ministry.

Finally, The narrow road to salvation has no room to wander. Once the good “CHURCH FOLKS” have rejected truth and truth-tellers, and once they have found teachers who will tickle their itching ears, “they will wander off into myths.” They will now embrace full-out error, full out heresy, and fall for anything being said across the pulpit to them.

They will become hardened in THEIR WAYS AND MINDSET so they will now believe error is good and true. They will become so deluded and rebellious that they will celebrate what God hates and do it all in the name of God. They will wander off, just like dumb sheep wandering away from their good shepherd. The narrow road to salvation has no room to wander, but that broad road to destruction has all the room they need to wander this way and that and they will die SPIRITUALLY if the don’t catch an exit to the narrow highway.

In the end, those who CLAIM TO HAVE ACTED in the name of Christ will be shown to hate Christ. That church, that congregation, will die off and once again ANOTHER ABANDONED CHURCH BUILDING and the enemy has won another short battle. However, the book of THE REVELATION COMFORTS US ALL IN KNOWING THAT THE ENEMY WILL NOT WIN THE WAR!!!! 

All the best and God bless,


A.J. “therightrevrhino” Watkins D.MIN.

The Reality Of It All Starts With You


That is the cry of many people in the secular and saved world alike. God, Yahweh, Yeshua, the great I AM etc….actually sends the help to assist us in putting our lives back together but when we realize that WE HAVE TO WORK ON OUR OWN BUILDING, we want to recant, back up, or run and hide. You can hide from humanity, but you cannot hide from God and you cannot hide from yourself.

When God sends people into our lives who are stronger than we are, we should acknowledge the issues that they identify in our lives and begin to construct a plan to resolve those issues one by one. Remember YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE IT IS YOUR ISSUE. They came to help by giving you revelation, your job is to go to God for reconciliation to yourself and those you want in your life, and God will do his job and give you RESTORATION back to where you fell off ( no matter how long ago you fell off) and you can then move forward with your lives.

The difficult part comes when we are so doggone sensitive that we can’t be told what the issues are and how to plan to resolve them; it then becomes almost impossible for the help to help you. When correction and REDIRECTION comes, you can become your own impediment because you refuse to walk out of the PITY PARTY. JUST LEAVE AND GO GET IT DONE!!! 

God or Good Karma or whatever you want to call it in this life, allows us to cross paths with those who can catapult us to the next dimension. You say you understand and that you got the solution down. The help will ask you, “Are you sure you have it and understand what it is YOU must do?” and we say yes. When the help departs and moves on to help others, we seek them out with the SAME ISSUE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN. People then look at you as if you have lost your mind because YOU stated you understood and YOU were going to APPLY the solutions to your issues and break free but you didn’t leave the PITY PARTY. By the way, when real people leave a conversation that is supposedly done because you say you understand, expect a little frustration from them when you bring something up days, weeks, or months later that is supposed to be done with.

Listen folks, real people, who have faced down insurmountable odds in their lives and have achieved lofty spiritual and tangible goals, will NOT CONTINUE TO ENTERTAIN A PERSON WHO REFUSES TO LEAVE A PITY PARTY OR A “POOR ME PARTY!” Real people who are believers to those who are atheists but real, will not waste time with you when you wallow in the muck and mire in life that has you bound. It is about renewing your mind and saying YOU GON’ LEARN TODAY! Real people who have been through some mess and stress; some fluff and stuff; some ups and downs; some ins and outs; and some mountain highs and valley lows have developed really thick spiritual and emotional skin. 

Real People have been through some stuff AND don’t mind teaching while they are moving towards their destiny. Remember: you are not the only one with issues. The bible tells us in Romans 15:1 that, “We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.” Real people will do it because they have been through enough stuff in life to qualify them to do so and they will do it without charging you and they don’t do it for fame and gain. However, if you are not attempting to help by DOING A LITTLE BIT OF SOMETHING, real people will set you down because they don’t need DEAD WEIGHT slowing them down. If you are trying to help yourself instead of feeling sorry for yourself, people will help you every step of the way. 

QUIT WEARING YOUR FEELINGS ON YOUR SLEEVES BECAUSE AS WE ALL HAVE GROWN, ALL OF US HAVE HAD OUR FEELINGS HURT, OUR EGOS SHATTERED, AND OUR PRIDE IMPACTED. Real people didn’t get BITTER but came to realize that this is real and they got BETTER. If you are extremely sensitive and you want real people to help you, my humble advice to you is to pray for thick skin, an open mind to receive and acknowledge your issues that are pointed out to you, and the physical and mental toughness to get up and MAKE A CHANGE for the man/woman in the mirror. STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND START MAKING PLANS THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU AND YOUR SITUATION!!!!!! That is what REAL PEOPLE, SAVED AND SECULAR DO, AND THEN THEY APPLY THOSE PLANS AND MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES. 

Last but not least, real people may seem HARD AT TIMES when they address you. The reason for it is because they don’t have the time and will not waste time with people who complain about he same thing over and over again and will NOT DO A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT IT BUT SIT AT THE TABLE IN THE “PITY PARTY CLUB!” Real people are trying to pull you out but it is frustrating and time consuming when you got to have that last sip of pity before you leave. For the real people, if you say you want help they will give you the help, but they will NOT sit with you too long when they see you CRYING AND NOT TRYING!!! Start pulling yourselves together because as we used to say in the U.S. MARINE CORPS, “ISH JUST GOT REAL!” 

I’m just saying….. 

“therightrevrhino” M.Div.

Be The Difference 2nd Corinthians 8:9




2nd Corinthians 8:9

King James Version Utilized, John Gill Expository, and Charles Eardman Commentary

This message reminds us to take action when we see something done wrong in a ministry. It encourages us to take calculated steps in getting the proper things changed in our society one neighborhood at a time. It implores us to take inventory of ourselves first to make sure that our hearts and minds are in order before challenging the enemy and the social ills he has infected society with to cause chaos and confusion. Listen in and become the difference in your life and others around you.

All the best and God bless you all who listen in and take action.  Click above and enjoy the ride.  

A.J. “therightrevrhino” Watkins M.Div.

If You Claim Christ Then Moved Forward With Christ

Prayer sky

If You Claim Christ Move With Christ
Colossians 2:6-8,18; 3:1-4
King James Version & Adam Clarke Notes
Simonton Genesis Ministries Inc.
Copyright 2014

This message reminds us to move with Christ if we claim to be part of the KINGDOM. It encourages us to break free of those ministries who attempt to “hold you hostage” while they continue to prosper off of your offerings and give you nothing spiritually in return. This message directs you to turn your attention towards God for answers to ministries you should be a part of and how does your gifts fit to enhance the community when doing you arrive. Listen in and enjoy. All the best and God bless.


A.J. “therightrevrhino” Watkins M.Div.

Polluted Spiritual Lifestyles! Christians or a case of Christianity-ism? James 4:2-10


Polluted Spiritual Lifestyles, A Case of Christianity-ism or True Christians
James 4:2-10 King James Version Utilized and Ryrie Study Guides
Simonton Genesis Ministries Inc. Copyright 2014.This message the cancer of RELIGION over the Christian LIFESTYLE. It focuses on Christianity and Christianity-ism. There is a difference! This message reminds us to take a hard look at who we listen to outside of the bible for spiritual guidance and counselling. Listen in and study for yourselves so you will not be subject to RELIGIOUS SLAVERY, but to a personal relationship with God which will make coming together down at the local church a great joy instead of an obligation.
Click here to listen in:  Polluted Spiritual Lifestyles
A.J. “therightrevrhino” Watkins M.Div.

There’s A Blessing Behind A Closed Door

The door

There’s A Blessing Behind A Closed Door
St. Mark 2:1-12
King James Version and Matthew Henry’s Commentary Utilized

This message is penned to remind us to overcome adversity with persistence. It encourages us to NOT ALLOW people to stop us from reaching those who God had placed in our paths to help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves and our families. This message empowers us to use whatever means necessary to get into the presence of those with the power to help us advance our careers and our lives. Listen in and enjoy. All the best and God bless.

Click the link and listen in and enjoy.  “There’s A Blessing Behind A Closed Door”

A. J. “therightreverhino” Watkins D.Min.

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A Setback Is A Set Up For A Comeback

Falcon Flight



Listening to this short recording should encourage, empower, and enhance your spiritual and mental attributes.  After listening to this message you should be able to recognize that just because you hit a “rough patch” in life, it does not mean you give up.  It is only a temporary setback to your eternal destination.  Listen in and enjoy this holiday season and don’t let anything negative overpower your ability to COMEBACK FROM A SETBACK.  All the best and God (Yahweh) bless.


A. J. “therightrevehino” Watkins D.Min.



Listen in to the latest broadcast of Hallelujah Holla with that unique host A. J. “therightrevrhino” Watkins D.Min.  The message is entitled SEDUCTIVE SUBSTITUTES coming from St. John 14:6.  This recorded message is designed to remind us to just stop and take a look at what we as believers substitute in the place of Christ when we get into emotional and spiritual trouble.  Listen in to the show and enjoy.  Click the link below and put on your spiritual seat belts.  It is a WILD SPIRITUAL RIDE.

All the best and God bless all of you who listen in.  Click this link to get there:  Seductive Substitutes







Simonton Genesis Ministries © 2007

Everyone wants to be number one and when they get to number one, they end up really being ONE who has it all and no one really wants to deal with them when they get there.  They eventually end up that way because they have hurt, misused, and abused the talents of others in an effort to reach the pinnacle of success.  Many act hard and say well I got mine so they have to get theirs quickly forgetting that those who are still trying to get theirs helped you get yours because they “thought” they saw something in you that would “throw a rope back to “help pull them up” as they climb up to the next level in spirituality, health, prosperity, and in self -motivation. 

People can choose who to give back to in their communities and in their lives.  I have no problem with all who do.  I have issues with those who act as if the WORLD OWES THEM something and they step on, mess over, lie to, deceive, mislead, talk down to, and display a sententious and sadity attitude towards people who are helping in their success and exude the stench of  the “I am NEVER WRONG attitude.” 

Luke 12:16-20 addresses such a person.  It finds Jesus saying in this parable, “16 And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:  17 And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?  18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.  19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.  20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?  21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is NOT rich toward God.”

Don’t let people run you over “in the name of Jesus” as they reach for their success.  I have grown tired of the cloak and daggers, smoke and mirrors, and deceitful practices that I have witnessed over the last six years with alleged Saints and Secular people alike hurting and talking down to others while they rise to the top.  Life is too short, death is too sure, and hell is too hot for me to stand by and watch folks who mean well get treated ill “even in the name of Jesus” because folks feel they are owed certain things in life AND I KNOW I can make a difference by offering them the help they need.  DEUCES, is all I have to say to such people!  

Hurt church folk and those seeking truth get ready because there is SOMEONE who cares and we are on the way!!!  With that being said, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have moved, and to give you my new address. 

I have moved from Beggars’ Alley located on Poverty Lane at the corner of Bleak and Busted Circle.  As of today, I have a brand new home.   My new address is: Living Well Drive in the Abundance Subdivision, located at the corner of Blessings Street and Thankful Peak.   You get there by taking the Praising Him Interstate, which runs North, South, East, and West.   It’s a loop around the city of REFUGE, REVELATION, RECONCILIATION, AND RESTORATION where the Holy Spirit guides and directs all traffic of the residents in the area.   

No Longer will I allow myself to travel on Begging Peter to pay off Paul Route, because it’s located at a dead-end intersection called “I Don’t Have, that crosses Borrowers’ Junction.” I can no longer hang out at Failures’ Place near Excuses Avenue, next to Procrastination Mall.

I’ve moved on to an upscale community called Higher Heights with unlimited potential and opportunities for me to Succeed–look at me now because I am on my way up!! Please know that each day that GOD awakens me, I am thankful to be a product of my new environment.

All of my dreams are becoming MASTER TAILOR-MADE realities because I have decided to become more rich towards God. I am dressed in life’s finest.  Let me introduce you to all of my new neighbors: CONCEIVE IT, BELIEVE IT, ACT ON IT, HAVE FAITH IN IT, BE PERSISTENT ABOUT IT, AND ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO ACHIEVE IT.  Life is good because: GOD IS GOOD!!!!! I have accepted my God given assignment to assist those in the neighborhood that our ministry is sitting in to have pride, dignity, encouragement, and empowerment to DO SOMETHING about their situations to have a little more comfort in their lives IF THEY WANT IT.  HAVE YOU MOVED TOO???? If not I pray that you will be moving soon!!!!!!!! ALL THE BEST AND GOD BLESS.  MUCH LOVE!

Pastor A. J. “TheRightRevRhino” Watkins D.Min.   

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A Standard To Uphold



A Standard To Uphold

Numbers 2:2
King James Version Utilized & Commentary Critical Study Guide
Simonton Genesis Ministries Inc. Copyright 2013

This message is penned and broadcast to remind us to know who we are in life. It reminds us to remain steadfast in our identity and not to suffer from an identity crisis. The message reminds us to be proud to live the Christian Lifestyle and be willing to show others and not just tell others how and why we do so. Be blessed and much love.

A. J. “TheRightRevRhino” Watkins D.Min.